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Radon Is A Health Issue.

Similar to soil-gases entering the home through the slab, or points of weakness near the homes foundation; radon gas, does the same thing. Radon in a buildings, especially residential homes in areas prone to elevated radon concentrations, can be a series issue and a potentially deadly issue as radon has been know to cause lung cancer and/or exponentially contributes to lung cancer, especially in smokers. 


Once inside the home, the radon particles will break down.  Decaying radon gas bi-products give off radiation (alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays) as the gas breaks down inside the home.  Once inhaled, these decay products (alpha) may damage the lung tissue, increasing the risk of lung cancer.

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My Radon Test Result.

If you own a home; no matter where you are in the country, you should test the indoor air for radon. It's very simple and is a Do-It-Yourself project since the test kits can be purchased at Home Depot for $10. 

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