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Protect your commercial real estate investment with a Environmental Transaction Screen (ETS).

MEI is an environmental consultant providing Environmental Transaction Screens (ETS) reports.  Just like a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, the Environmental Transaction Screen is normally purchased as part of a commercial real estate transaction, usually sought by the bank and prospective buyer. The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate the potential environmental risk or condition of a property and to identify potential contamination which may impact the value of the property.

The ETS assessment is basically a scaled down version of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, in that it does not include full-scope historical on the adjacent properties. The intention of the Environmental Transaction Screen is to identify Potential Environmental Concerns, also known as PECs. The Environmental Transaction Screen is limited environmental due diligence and normally used on commercial real estate properties that are likely to be a low risk. The Environmental Transaction Screen does involve a physical on-site inspection or site reconnaissance.

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