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Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Protect your commercial real estate investment with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).

A Phase I Environmental Assessment (Phase I ESA) is an important first step in assessing a property's environmental condition. It typically involves a thorough investigation of the property's history, including its past uses and any potential sources of contamination. The Phase I ESA also includes a physical inspection of the property, during which the Environmental Professional will look for any evidence of contamination or environmental hazards.

The goal of a Phase I Environmental Assessment is to identify any potential environmental risks associated with a property, so that these risk(s) can be addressed and mitigated before the property is developed or sold. This can help protect both the environment and the people who will be using the property in the future.

If the Phase I Environmental Assessment reveals potential environmental risks, further investigation may be necessary, such as a Phase II Environmental Assessment, which involves testing soil and water samples for contamination. However, if no significant risks are found, the property can likely move forward with development or sale with peace of mind.

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