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How To Prepare For Your Home Inspection

It’s hard to contain your excitement once you’ve found the home of your dreams. That’s why it’s so important to thoroughly assess the home to make sure it’s everything it seems to be. Sellers try to cover up flaws when they are showing their home to buyers, so it’s important to hire an experienced Sacramento residential home inspector to walk through the home and make sure it’s everything it seems to be. Inspection Pros LLC is the leading Northern California residential home inspection company, providing the most detailed reports and the most responsive customer service. Serving all of Northern California, including Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, Amadaor, Contra Costa, Alameda, and Solano. Call 612.475.4208 to schedule an inspection.

Make Your Own Checklist Before The Inspector Arrives

The best way to prepare yourself for your Sacramento residential home inspection is to make your own checklist before the inspector arrives. An experienced inspector will always do a thorough job, but may not address your specific concerns unless you make a request. For example, a routine part of a home inspection is to examine the roof and report on it’s condition and when it’s likely to require repair or replacement. These are some examples of questions and concerns that are not part of a routine inspection:

● Can solar panels be installed on this type of roof?

● Is the power in the home sufficient for a home recording studio?

● Can this HVAC system be used with MER filters?

● Will the water heater provide enough hot water for very long baths?

● How long will this type of pool take to heat? Would it be worth it to install a more efficient heater? What about solar heating?

Do Your Own Walk Through Before The Inspection

It’s a good idea to notice as much as possible about the home’s condition prior to the inspection - taking detailed notes and photos. Some types of defects might require you to request permission in advance from the seller to move or alter fixtures. For example, if you notice a discoloration on wall to wall carpeting, you can request in advance that the carpet be lifted so that the floor underneath can be inspected for water damage. Prior permission would also be required to remove wallpaper or move heavy furniture which might be covering a defect.

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