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On The Inspection:

The interior part of your residential home inspection will include hone in on specific interior components, which includes the walls, ceiling, and floor of the home. We will inspect for cracks and/or holes, and signs of moisture damage, and report on smaller cosmetic items needed such as major patch work or nail pop-outs. Any steps, stairways, and railings will be inspection along with the homes entry features - doors, garage door, and windows. The interior inspection will also cover the kitchen area and kitchen appliances. 

Tips For Home Owners:
  • Within the wall of your new home are system components for HVAC, water, sewer, and electricity. This includes pipes, ductwork, wires, and cables which are hidden behind the walls. These features can be damages by drilling or cutting into the wall during a home renovation project. Therefore, prior to dusting off the ol' Bosch (or better yet Milwaukee), a stud sensor / wall scanner should be used to detect wooden studs, cables, ductwork, and pipes behind the walls. Keep in mind these products are not 100 percent accurate and range in price. An owner can pick up a cheap unit at Home Depot for under $20. 

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