Electrical (Under Construction)

The Basics:

Similar to the water supply and distribution system, the electrical system acts in the same way. Both water and electricity enter the home from the utility service lines. The water flows through a pipe network and is distributed to the faucets and fixtures in the home. Similarly, the electricity flows through a series of wires used by lights, appliances and other electrical devices. Just as the water pipes are designed for certain flow rates (gallons per minute, feet per second, etc), the wire or conductors transporting the electrical current also have a flow rate (amps).

Meter Box for Main Water Supply Shut-off Valve
On The Inspection:

The home inspection will look at all areas of the electrical system where possible and visible, from the service drop/service head area, to the interior receptacles. We will inspect the electrical meter and base, service entrance conductors, the main service disconnect, panel boards, and grounding/bonding. We will test electrical outlets in appropriate area to ensure compatibility with code requirements; such as, Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacles and circuit breakers. We will also check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home to ensure their presence and functionality. 




Performing a GFCI test on a home in Sacramento, California.
Tips For Home Owners:
  • For safety purposes, check to ensure your home is up to code with GFCI technology. These circuits should be located in all wet areas and /or rooms with running water. This includes laundry rooms, kitchens, garages, and exteriors. The purpose of GFCI technology is to increase safety by automatically shutting off the electrical current from a circuit whenever it detects that the circuit has become a shock hazard. Almost all newer homes have this technology already installed as it's now required; however, we often see older homes that are not GFCI protected or lack the GFCI protection in certain areas of the home. 

Performing a GFCI test on a home in Oakland, California.