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Electrical (Under Construction)

On The Inspection:

The home inspection will look at all areas of the electrical system where possible and visible, from the service drop/service head area, to the interior receptacles. We will inspect the electrical meter and base, service entrance conductors, the main service disconnect, panel boards, and grounding/bonding. We will test electrical outlets in appropriate area to ensure compatibility with code requirements; such as, Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacles and circuit breakers. We will also check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home to ensure their presence and functionality. 




Performing a GFCI test on a home in Sacramento, California.
Tips For Home Owners:
  • For safety purposes, check to ensure your home is up to code with GFCI technology. These circuits should be located in all wet areas and /or rooms with running water. This includes laundry rooms, kitchens, garages, and exteriors. The purpose of GFCI technology is to increase safety by automatically shutting off the electrical current from a circuit whenever it detects that the circuit has become a shock hazard. Almost all newer homes have this technology already installed as it's now required; however, we often see older homes that are not GFCI protected or lack the GFCI protection in certain areas of the home. 

Performing a GFCI test on a home in Oakland, California.
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