Inspection-Pro's LLC is the home inspection company you want to hire.  Our experience, diligence and patience will ensure that your inspection is thorough and stress-free. We love to answer questions and explain technical issues to homeowners in a clear and concise way. That’s why so many people looking for a home to buy in Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, Amador, Contra Costa, Alameda, and Solano.Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, Amador, Contra Costa, Alameda, and Solano choose Inspection Pro’s LLC

Why Choose Inspection Pro’s For Your Northern California Home Inspection?

Owner, Tim Musson’s background in environmental science and engineering makes him one of the most highly qualified home inspectors in Northern California. His knowledge of due diligence and remediation helps him to spot problems with houses and understand the scope of what’s needed to repair the problem. His reports are easy to read and understand. This empowers you to make an informed decision to go forward or walk away from a property.


Inspector / Owner


Bachelor's in Civil Engineering - Construction Management, Geotechnical
University of Wisconsin - Platteville, WI

Certifications and Licenses
Certified Home Inspector InterNACHI
Certified Radon Mitigation Specialist AARST-NRPP


Frequently asked questions

Questions fréquements posés

How long does the inspection take?

The home inspection will take approximately two to four hours to complete. This includes the actual inspection time, and a walk-thru with customer, where we will discuss the inspection findings.

What do you look for on the home inspection / what's all included?

The home inspection is a visual inspection of the home's main components / systems. This includes the foundation / basement / crawlspace areas, the attic and roof structure, exterior walls and windows. The interior systems; such as electrical, HVAC, and plumbing, are checked for potential problems, including safety issues. Secondary components often times included in the inspection include decks, garages, and pools. A report is provided after the inspection. The report details the findings of our inspection and often times makes recommendations where appropriate.

What is the difference between a home inspector and an appraiser?

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Does the homeowner need to be present during the inspection?

No, the customer does not need to be present during the inspection. However, we do encourage the customer accompany Inspection-Pro's during the last hour of the inspection. This helps us learn about you, and gives the customer a chance to ask questions and learn.